If you’re reading this while sitting down, do yourself a favor and stand up! There’s a compelling body of research concluding that prolonged periods of sitting are linked to myriad health problems

If you are a facility manager, an office designer or anyone else that participates in office furniture planning, pay attention because the benefits of switching this one piece of office furniture could save you (or your clients) in the long run. 

Additionally, research shows that even if you exercise regularly, prolonged periods of sitting cancel out the health benefits of that physical activity. While it’s fairly easy to change your habits when you’re off the clock, it’s more of a challenge to get some movement in at work, especially if you have a typical office job requiring you to spend most of your time at your desk, in front of your computer. According to one study, people spend an average of nearly six hours per day sitting at their desk.

There is one simple change you can make at work to minimize your sitting: switch from a traditional desk to a sit-stand, or adjustable height, desk and your health will benefit in multiple ways! Switching to a sit-stand desk is not only ergonomical, but it will reduce your risk of the following health risks:

  • becoming overweight or obese
  • developing back problems
  • developing type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems
  • developing breast, colon, lung, prostate, endometrial, ovarian and other types of cancers
  • developing depression
  • developing cardiovascular disease
  • having a heart attack
  • dying prematurely

That’s quite a compelling list. If you’ve never considered switching to a sit-stand desk before, you probably understand now why they’re becoming so common in the workplace.

Here are four great adjustable height desks options to check out:

  1. Varidesk Pro 60. If your ideal desk has extra surface space to accommodate multiple monitors, laptops, printer, speakers, router and/or additional necessities, check out this versatile, spacious desk. In addition to its 60-inch-wide surface, the Pro 60 has nine height settings ranging from low (which is the same height as a traditional desk) to high (high enough for a tall person to stand fully.)
  2. Human Solution Uplift. Sleek and functional, this desk provides height adjustments ranging from 24.5 to 50.25 inches and a frame whose width can be expanded. This model delivers plenty of legroom or ample space to mount under-desk accessories. You can customize the uplift by size, desktop choice, frame color and optional accessories.
  3. Herman Miller Renew. If your budget is ample, consider this thoughtfully designed Renew sit-to-stand desk. It features simple control paddles that allow you to easily change position. Simply lift the pad to raise the desk and press down to lower it. It’s available with a 60- or 72-inch desktop, standard or hidden power access, integrated cord management option, and other customizable options. And, as is the case with all Herman Miller products, it’s aesthetically beautiful.
  4. EvoDesk Evolution. This desk boasts an astounding 250 different sitting and standing positions (the maximum height is 50 inches) and the ability to switch between them at an incredible 1.5 inches per second! All sit-stand desks are able to move up and down, but the EvoDesk also moves laterally as well and can expand from a 48- to 90-inch desktop width. It can safely hold 355 pounds, so you can pile on your belongings with confidence. With this desk’s many customization options, you can be certain you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind desk. The company claims its configurator has the capability to create more than 200,000 unique combinations.

An increasingly common saying among researchers is that “sitting is the new smoking.” While that may be an overstatement, what is certain is that your investment in a sit-stand desk is an investment in your health.

If you have any questions about sit-stand desks, please call Houston Installation Services office furniture installation experts at 713-462-7067. We are familiar with installing these great desks into offices all across Greater Houston. In fact, we have them in our offices, and our employees love them! 

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