Office Furniture Installation

The Value of Project Management and Professional Office Furniture Assembly

Furniture installation services that use strategic thinking to make an office space reach new heights. Your goals just got bigger!

Office furniture installation services that reduce project supervision and office downtime.

Houston Installation Services provides detailed project management support and strategic planning for a smooth office relocation, redesign, or complete new office buildout. With a HIS account manager assigned to your installation, your required level of supervision drops significantly. Office furniture installation is often an overwhelming task with many obstacles. Our experience and skills let us carry your workload and easily take on all the hurdles. After all, it’s our area of expertise.

Additionally, Houston Installation Services reduces the common problem of downtime. All relocation projects have an anticipated interruption to work time. Yet, properly mitigating the time employees are not working shows significant savings to the employer.

During furniture installation, numerous elements need to align. Delays and unforeseen issues often increase downtime. We’re skilled at maneuvering hurdles that creep up in office installation planning. Also, HIS is adept at finding quick solutions to keep the assignment within the project scope. Every project comes with issues; having the skilled staff to take them head-on makes the difference. HIS office installers are your solution.

What do commercial furniture installers do?

Office Furniture Disassembled

Commercial office installers take on the tasks of dismantling & furniture assembly, office layout planning, space management, repurposing existing office furniture, and installing cubicles and workstations. We also handle ordering & delivery, coaching clients on corporate moving decisions, and storage services when needed. With this in mind, professional installers and commercial office movers do more than move furniture from one location to another.

A key element for a furniture installation is counseling our clients. Our professionals advise and offer solutions to any furniture installation barriers or concerns. We focus on details such as how to provide electricity to the new office desks and workstations. You may need advice on what office layout supports the atmosphere you want. HIS is here with answers to every question.

Finally, physically installing existing furniture in the new office space is always the main task of a business’s relocation. The office movers at HIS have superior knowledge and training to disassemble furniture correctly, allowing fast, easy installation without damage. Installation of cubicles, shared space seating, conference room settings, modular furniture, and even architectural walls are all areas of expertise for our Houston Installation Services team. We also order and schedule the delivery of new furniture and oversee the delivery and installation of new office equipment. Furthermore, our experience in the field means we address any unexpected issues that arise during the installation without delays.

The install:

  • Proper dismantling and assembly of office furniture
  • Installation of workspaces, cubicles, and meeting space
  • Schedule and receive office furniture and equipment deliveries
  • Wall-mounting products that may require specialized knowledge, tools, or experience
  • Floor-to-ceiling displays

Beyond installation:

  • Office layouts & office space planning
  • Retrofitting existing furniture to fit in a new space
  • Cable management, including grommet drilling
  • Power and data access
  • ADA requirements
  • Coworking with other tradespeople on site
  • Last-minute customer changes/requirements
  • Storage
  • Continued support for changes and office updates afterward

The importance of an onsite Account manager for furniture installation

Your project lead is the lifeline to your furniture installation. They develop an efficient and effective furniture assembly & installation plan and keep it running smoothly. The account manager alleviates the stress from the employer, ensuring everything is meeting their previously discussed expectations. During your installation project, your HIS contact visits the new location. Visits include keeping you connected to everything happening onsite. We provide daily updates and progress reports, take pictures, and supervise all checklist items. Furthermore, they ensure timelines, progress, and budget. As head of the project, they’re also available 24 hours a day during the installation process to personally oversee project completion to your satisfaction.

Furniture Installation Project Coordinator

Tasks they alleviate from the employer include:

  • Creating a detailed furniture installation plan
  • Verify inventory
  • Overseeing deliveries
  • Onsite progress checks
  • Attending project meetings
  • Ensure safety requirements
  • Inspect all builds and installations
  • Meet and coordinate services with additional onsite vendors.

An assigned account manager gets to know your business personally. We focus on the goals and specific needs you requested, paying close attention to the details. HIS gives your installation project the attention you wish you could give to it. After reviewing existing furniture, we’ll discuss repurposing options that meet your new office space reconfiguration. We’ll verify all dimensions of available furniture and suggest ways to make it work. The account manager may also point out potential problems and offer various suggestions for overcoming them. You’ll have expert advice and planning from conception to completion.

Office Space Reconfiguration Houston Installation services

Reconfiguration of office space.

Reconfiguring office furniture gives your office new life and rejuvenates employees. Houston Installation Services offers practical tips and ideas for using your space. Whether you want to revitalize office morale or expand, consider creating quiet space, innovative workshops, section off divisions, or explore collaborative workspace. Find out how we can help. Call H.I.S. for a free assessment or request a moving quote online.

Office reconfiguration begins with a purpose. Modernizing your office space means creating something other than fancy, unused space. For instance, do you need to arrange a new workspace with new furniture or repurpose existing furniture? Are we developing space for individual workstations or adding open spaces and meeting areas? HIS helps you create the office layout and assemble office furniture that supports the goals you’re seeking.

Creating new displays may also fall under reconfiguration depending on the size of the showcase area. H.I.S. furniture installers rearrange or add new display features and furnishings to create an eye-catching display. We’ll install new counters, shelving, display structures, or case goods according to your specifications.

Trade show space

setup and teardown

You may not have thought about it, but trade shows require a lot of setup and teardown. H.I.S. installation services are ideal for quick setup and teardown activities such as trade shows. Our experienced fleet has set up trade show displays for many companies in Houston and surrounding areas. We are familiar with many nearby venues, including OTC(Offshore Technology Conference), George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston NRG Park, Austin Convention Center, The Woodlands Marriott Waterway, and Westin Memorial City. 

Trade shows involve being quick and efficient with our customers changing needs. We focus on presenting the best outcome to showcase your company in the best light. Likewise, we confirm that setup goals are on time for an excellent presentation. Working closely with your trade show coordinator, we conclude setting up and accomplishing your mission objectives.

Proficient with These Furniture Brands

Have a question about a furniture brand not on this list? Contact us to learn about our furniture assembly service and installation capabilities.

The best installation service.

Houston Installation Services is the region’s premier furniture installation company. With decades of extensive experience in disassembling and installing office furniture, you’re sure to get a smooth process with all the end goals met. Whether installing one workstation or furnishing an entire building with desks and chairs, our experts save you time and money in the furniture installation process. Choose H.I.S. as your Houston-area furniture installer; you’ll rest easy knowing your project is in good hands.

Working under strict protocols and performing with the highest level of professionalism, we take care of every project, big or small, with the same zeal you carry for the venture. We’ll oversee every aspect just as you would and pay attention to every installation detail from start to finish. 

Houston Installation Services, furniture installers specialize in the following:

  • Corporate office furniture installation
  • Commercial furniture installation services
  • Business and office moving
  • Commercial lobby remodeling
  • Medical and healthcare center furniture installation
  • Industrial space furnishing
  • Retail business moves and remodels
  • Banking and financial institutions furnishing
  • Law offices moving and reconfigurations
  • Schools and campus remodels and reconfigurations
  • Restaurant remodels
  • Airport Lounge reconfigurations