Office Furniture Sustainability

Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.

Our Sustainability Position

Houston Installation Services believes it is our responsibility to promote and support sustainable practices throughout our company. We have engaged our people in a campaign to change our way of life at our facility by recycling, using environmentally safe cleaning products, doing away with the use of products that would end up in landfill, and conserving energy.

Houston Installation Services currently guarantees that most of the waste from your job site will NOT GO TO LANDFILL. We recycle cardboard, metal, wood, pallets, styrofoam, and paper, and we are continually challenging our employees to come up with the latest “Green” idea for our company.

Energy Conservation Commitment

The largest carbon footprint of our company is the vehicle fleet. We are committed to conserving energy by modernizing our fleet and gaining vehicles with higher fuel efficiencies. We are committed to scheduling and dispatching our crews and fleet in a manner that will insure that the fewest miles are driven.

Our Partnership with ecoServ

Maybe you’re relocating office buildings, doing an office reconfiguration, or just installing new office furniture. In any of these scenarios you might find yourself with excess office furniture and wonder what you’re going to do with it. Houston Installation Services can help you solve this problem through our partnership with InstallNet’s program – ecoServ.

As an InstallNet affiliate, we can provide you with a well-planned and executed decommission strategy for your excess office furniture, fixtures and equipment. The last thing we want is for your old furniture to go into a landfill. ecoServ provides a comprehensive, turnkey service which may include reuse, resale, repurpose or recycling your unused office furniture. This program benefits local charities in your community, and allows them to spend their resources on other things that are important to their cause.

By choosing ecoServ, you will receive a single point resource which is smart for your business, saves you time and money while providing you with white glove services. Surplus furniture can support your local community through charitable donations, while also caring for the environment in a responsible way and reducing your carbon footprint.