Additional installation resources

It’s the extras that speak to the value of our expertise. Providing average service is not an option; we want to be your trusted resource for everything you need from a professional installer.

The Value of Houston Installation Services

Part of going above and beyond for our customers is providing additional guidance and resources. Employers benefit from our vast knowledge and extensive years of service. Here you’ll find helpful resources about everything from preplanning and moving to what comes after. So, after seeing our commercial furniture installation and moving services, what more can we offer our clients? Let’s take a look.

Open communication for every project

Furniture Installation Account Manager in Office

For every installation project, open communication is key. HIS understands the benefit of having a specialty corporate and commercial installation expert during a move. The first resource separating H.I.S. from a general installation company and giving us a specialist status in commercial installing is providing a project manager. The project manager is vital for large installation projects or an out-of-town or cross-country move. Their primary role is to keep the lines of communication open. The flow of communication between your project updates and progress keeps our clients at ease, knowing the project is in good hands. Yet, it allows clients to stay connected and control the onsite happenings without physically appearing on location.

Many of our clients respectively agree that the usefulness of a account manager provides them the freedom of not attending the site to check up on progress. The time clients save by reduced travel and allowing H.I.S. to manage the details of the project gives managers time to work effectively on other important aspects of the installation process. They find time to concentrate on such things as preparing employees for a corporate move or figuring out what layout fits your company atmosphere, for example.

What you can expect from your account manager

  • Thorough discussions to understand your company goals.
  • Perform pre-installation site checks, including electrical and dimensions.
  • Mark any core drill locations needed.
  • Oversee receiving multiple product shipments to complete the project.
  • Attend weekly construction meetings on your behalf and send updates.
  • Ensure the commercial furniture installation team has met all specialty safety requirements.

  • Work with construction teams or other client vendors at the job site.
  • Coordinate office furniture installation.
  • Routinely monitor progress, including daily onsite visits.
  • Provide daily updates, including emails and photographs.
  • Manage the end-of-project tasks and any other ongoing punch list items.

Storage services

H.I.S. offers local service area storage solutions for Houston-based installation projects. While reconfiguring the office, employers often discover that the business needs may require additional space. Warehouse space in Houston comes at a premium price tag. Thus, as an added value, Houston Installation Services offers affordable storage solutions for businesses in and around the Houston area. We have 40,000 square feet of racked storage space available to meet your project needs.

Reasons a installation may require storage

  • Delivery of new office equipment or furnishings before the move or installation is scheduled.

  • Excessive files and paperwork that may need attention after the installation is complete.

  • Store incoming products so new items are not continuing to crowd space.

  • Storage for equipment and furnishings during an office redesign, allowing space for workers to maneuver and remodel.

  • Storage of nonessential items to better prepare for evacuating the old site.

Houston Installation Services has been serving the Houston area with furniture installation services since 1974. Therefore, we’ve become very familiar with all the office furniture installation and relocation needs of business clients. Affordable storage services are an installation service option that many businesses take advantage of during an office relocation or redesign project.

Are your items protected while in storage?

Absolutely. Our warehouse storage facility is monitored by closed-circuit television for security. We know how important your products and goods are to your business, and we make sure items are safely stored during your project. Our warehouse storage facility is monitored by closed-circuit television for 24/7 security. Likewise, we provide inventory and tracking of all products that enter or leave the facility. If there are any questions regarding what is in storage, we can send updates and pictures whenever necessary. H.I.S. keeps your business assets in good care, through every stage of your moving process and while in storage.

Responsibility for sustainability in a furniture installation

Corporate installation companies produce a lot of unwanted waste, from boxes and materials to the old furniture and item removal during the decluttering process. H.I.S. supports efforts to encourage sustainability. Supporting a partnership with ecoServe, we help businesses aid local charities in the Houston community under the reuse, resale, repurpose, and recycling program. Business owners feel good knowing their unwanted items help community organizations that often rely on charitable contributions. Additionally, H.I.S. storage facilities have onsite trash compactors. Trash compactors reduce waste from packing materials and boxes going directly to landfills. With H.I.S., you’re working with an installation service company that believes every step toward greener business solutions is a step in the right direction.

Please read about our sustainability position, energy conservation commitment, and partnership with ecoServe.

Sustainability Furniture Installers

Commercial Space Design tips and useful resources

Our blogs are your #1 informational resource for office space planning and helpful design tips. Stay current on what offices are looking for and what employees need through ever-changing environments and social needs. Likewise, stay connected with H.I.S. for the latest office design, furniture tips, helpful resources for commercial relocation, and much more. Get help where you need it most with articles such as office moving announcements. Or, stay updated on trendy design detail with all our fabulous blogs. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn about modern office settings. Our blog is your resource for preplanning, preparedness for moves and furniture installation, settling into new office space, what comes after the installation, and getting ready for growth.

Office build-out guide

The 15 steps to an office build-out and move-in. The decisions you make during the build-out process affect the functionality and ambiance of your office space for years to come. Being prepared and aware of what to expect is your best course of action from concept to completion. The more prepared you are, the smoother your office build-out and move-in day will go. This helpful guide walks through the 15 steps to relocating into a new building. Help keep things on schedule and foresee those minute pieces of the corporate relocation puzzle that often slow down the process. Knowing the steps and being aware of what comes next in the office moving plan helps keep you on track and budget.

Pro Tip

Make sure that when you make your office change announcement, you include the following:

  • What do employees need to do right now? If anything.
  • What future moving information should employees expect to receive.
  • Add actionable items discussed into the overall business moving plan.

Office moving checklist

Commercial moving and furniture installation insurance

Houston Installation Services has you protected by insurance every step of the way. H.I.S. insurance protects our client’s property during all stages of a commercial move or furniture installation process. We understand that office furniture installing comes with a high price tag. Covering your belongings from the first point of contact with installers is crucial. H.I.S. insurance begins the moment we arrive and continues through disassembly, delivery & transportation, reassembly, and installation. Also, belongings are insured when stored in the warehouse for further recovery dates. Nothing in life is 100%, but with our reliable coverage, we come close. 

However, H.I.S. occasionally uses contracted laborers to keep projects moving on schedule. In the event that we use contractors, we are serious about protecting our clients and only using laborers who provide proof of insurance. The liability of employing an uninsured contractor is unacceptable. With HIS, we guarantee you’ll never deal with an uninsured liability lawsuit. All employees and contractors we hire are fully insured to protect our clients.

As an industry leader in commercial office furniture installation, Houston Installation Services ensures your workplace meets health and safety guidelines and protocols. Our expert-trained office furniture installers work with top office furniture brands on proper dismantling and assembly methods. If ever there is an issue, our onsite project manager is there to address concerns swiftly and assuredly.

H.I.S. professional office furniture installers care for and guide you through every step of the commercial installation service from initial concept to completion and sign off on a job well done. Thank you for choosing Houston Installation Services.