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More than furniture installation specialists, we rethink commercial space to propel high-level success.

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Office Workstation Installation

HIS takes the office setup out of your hands. Houston Installation Services provides reliable office installation services that make furnishing your space simple. We take your design plan and make it our priority with the full support of our team. We provide continual updates and open communication, so you never worry about the status of the installation. HIS provides a dedicated account manager who handles everything from start to finish. We ensure that every aspect of the installation or modification runs on schedule and within budget. You’ll get frequent summaries and daily briefs, keeping you updated on everything that happens without demanding your attention or needing to oversee the project personally. We make furnishing an office stress-free.

Large installation projects require versatile alternatives.

HIS employees are highly skilled, trained install professionals who think on their feet and accommodate unexpected changes. Specialized furniture delivery & installation begins with thorough planning. Our installation team has a deep understanding of best practices for multiple brands of high-end office furniture. As a versatile furniture assembly & installation company, we’re knowledgeable in cubicle layouts, ergonomics, flexible workspace, gathering space, meeting rooms, open office floorplans, functional work solutions, work zones, calm space, and much more. We create a balance of design, longevity, and workflow so your office space functions efficiently.

HIS fosters a partnership for changes. We are there for future growth, redesign, or any transition in your office plans. Houston Installation Services takes care of you from start to finish, floor to ceiling.

Office Calm Space

Experience With Most Office Furniture Brands

We take pride in our extensive training and experience in assembling and installing various popular furniture brands. Whether you are planning for traditional, modern, or luxury design, Houston Installation Services can help you achieve your design goals!

Have a question about a furniture brand not on this list? Contact us to learn about our furniture assembly service and installation capabilities.

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Featured Installation Services

Office Furniture Installation

Breaking down office furniture and reassembling it without proper knowledge can be complicated and take hours of valuable time, sending projects over budget and pushing your expected timelines outside the project scope deadlines. Our trained specialists are skilled with modern to traditional furniture, efficient office layouts, problem resolution, workstation planning, and industry standards. We stay current with all major office furniture brands, including proper assembly and disassembly methods. Whether filling an office with new furniture or reconfiguring cubicles, H.I.S. can help you eliminate hindrances. Our workers assemble furniture carefully and quickly to prevent damage and keep you on budget and schedule.

Modern Office Open Space Layout Furniture Installation

Commercial and Office Relocation Services

Office Furniture Storage

Our commercial office installers provide top-end moving services for corporations, offices, and retail spaces. First, you’ll be assigned a critical move manager with a dedicated support team. Your assigned manager handles everything, including planning, sizing, packing services, storage services, and overseeing moving day. H.I.S. corporate office installation team handles assets with white-glove care, keeping you informed every step of the way. Proper communication provides precise details regarding the move without you taking on additional work to oversee the project. We also provide warehousing options as needed. Delegate your business move to HIS for a hassle-free commercial moving experience.

Commercial Lounge and Lobby Installation

Furniture Installation Medical Office Lobby

We provide specialized installation services for commercial lounges and lobbies. Furnishing some of these spaces can come with additional challenges. Spacing in medical office waiting rooms and clear signage are essential features that keep patients safe and work areas organized.  High-traffic areas like airport lounges require excess seating, areas for food service, and access to power sources throughout the space. Houston Installation Services has extensive experience installing any furniture and signage needed to make commercial lounges and lobbies comfortable, functional, and cozy. You can trust our team to provide quality service while handling lounge and lobby installs with expert precision.

Office Space Planning

The office layout is a critical component of supporting your employees’ health, mental well-being, and productivity. Rewarding work environments vary significantly from seclusive to all-inclusive open spaces, allowing you to choose the atmosphere best suited for your office ambiance. Our team can install and arrange modern or traditional office layouts helping you achieve office interior designs that encourage creativity, advance production, and inspire genius. During the planning process, we work with every client to identify existing furniture to reuse. We take every opportunity to stay under budget throughout the entire process. HIS advisors find you the most efficient office space solutions to support your workflow, from cubicle workstations and desk placement to open-space office layouts.

Open Space Office Workstation Furniture

Why select HIS professional installers for office installation service?

Customers choose Houston Installation Services because starting with expert support avoids the pitfall of scope creep. After speaking with HIS, senior management confidently hands off the responsibilities of the furniture installation to their new HIS account manager. We develop a cooperative partnership based on open communication and trust.

Furniture Installation Project Account Manager on site

A HIS Account Manager will:

  • Meet with your business personnel to discuss your specific project needs and timeline.

  • Inventory and review the current office furniture and the new office space.
  • Reuse existing furnishings to reduce costs and suggest ways to use existing materials to reduce new purchases.
  • Provide a written quote within 24 hours, covering the office installation project scope.
  • Provide regular updates as work begins, including a daily email with pictures of your current job site and the happenings.
  • Visit the on-site facility to ensure timeliness and advocate on your behalf with other contractors to overcome office move obstacles.

Your account manager remains available 24 hours a day during the installation process for any questions and concerns. HIS specializes in the elimination of downtime. Getting your employees settled in the new space is key. Our skilled installers follow detailed office space plans to ensure your staff is in their new office space as quickly and smoothly as possible with minimal interruptions. They manage every installation process with customer satisfaction in mind!

“I could not survive without H.I.S. It’s like I have my own employees. Whenever I call, they are on it. It’s been a wonderful thing, finding H.I.S.”

Jere Luck

Principal, The Luck Company

Furniture Installation Account Manager

Commercial furniture installers that are fast, efficient, and adaptive

The team at Houston Installation Services prides itself on being continually adaptive. Our customers are our top priority. We strive to meet our client’s ever-changing needs while minimizing downtime. Hence, we often work after hours to avoid any daytime disruptions. Reducing gaps and disruptions to the typical workflow is the game-changing feature which HIS commercial office installers provide over competitor moving services. We use time-tested industry guidelines to minimize work disturbances getting your business fully operational as quickly as possible. 

With Houston Installation Services, you get a lasting partnership providing personalized furniture assembly & installation service tailored to your business goals. With 40+ years of success stories to support your entire installation process going smoothly. It’s easy to see that our unique perspective in multiple industries brings office victories.

Our fields of success:

  • Corporate & Business Offices
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Financial Institutions
  • Law Offices
  • Schools & Educational Facilities
  • Industrial Space
  • Apartments & Real Estate Staging

Office space built for longevity.

Today’s world looks to the future. New office space must go beyond basic primary functions and explore ways to help employees’ health, psychological well-being, and overall mood. The shift to life/work balance begins here. Together we’ll explore meeting more than fundamental needs by creating the office space that matches your company culture and business goals. 

Future smart offices are cutting-edge designs that explore new office workstation layouts. Concepts like open collaboration, zones, individual privacy, hybrid workspace, and mixed seating promote production, teamwork, communal office culture, and overall well-being. Think smart; make your new office space one that provides the boost your employees need.

The beginning of a partnership.

With a wide variety of office styles, it’s easy to envision your future with anticipated growth. Houston Installation Services are your helping hands through every reconfiguration you’re planning. We work to build trustworthy partnerships for every redesign and new concept your office wishes to explore. We give 100% customer service, so you’re pleased when calling us back for all the smaller moves and redesigns, as well as your largest corporate reconfiguration needs.

With reliable furniture installation services, we grow with you. We’ll support all your office furniture needs, from a local move to small office space changes.

Do you want to join HIS?

Feel the difference in working for an installation company that encourages personal growth.

Houston Installation Services continually strives for a healthy workplace culture that supports individuals in their success. We provide careers that celebrate self-motivation. Explore the freedom of the open road with a career in driving. We also have opportunities to join our corporate team in marketing, sales, or management. Similarly, if you want to help others reach their dreams, join our storage, packing, and orders departments. A career at HIS builds success within the lifestyle you’re looking to achieve. Find your work/life balance with a budding career at Houston Installation Services!

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As a recognized Houston furniture assembly service provider, we design workplace strategies that solve office reconfiguration challenges. Houston Installation Services delivers expert moving and office furniture installation with innovative solutions to fit every furniture installation need.

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