Whether your office will be moving to another state, another city, down the street, or to another floor of your existing office building, enlisting the services of a project manager will deliver a huge return on investment. Long- and short-distance moves and office build-outs both involve myriad risks. A project manager (a good project manager) has the experience to anticipate what could go wrong so that it doesn’t go wrong.

A Good Project Manager Works Closely with Facility Managers

Because a project manager has overseen multiple office relocations, they’ll learn and become more efficient with each job he oversees. They’ll know how a downtown office installation differs from other types of projects, and that a seamless relocation must involve steady communication with your facilities manager and the building superintendent of both the old and new office spaces.

A good project management checklist will include important details, such as:

  • Making sure that all members of the relocation team (and outside vendors who are integral to setting up the new office space) have advanced security clearance and physical credentials showing they have permission to enter the building.
  • Verifying important physical features of the buildings. Are there loading docks? Where are they located and what sizes of moving trucks can they accommodate?
  • Is there a freight elevator? If not, what are the guidelines for using the passenger elevator? In many commercial buildings, office moves must take place after regular business hours.

A Good Project Manager Collaborates with Other Vendors Working on the New Space

Do you know what kind of insurance you’ll need for an office move? A project manager will know and vet all outside vendors to ensure they have valid certificates of insurance. Also, if needed, they will help you arrange the proper licenses and permits to carry out your relocation. From furniture movers who are physically moving equipment, to electricians and plumbers, to interior designers, accidents can and do happen during the setup of a new office space. The proper documentation protects you (the client) from lawsuits and shoddy or dangerous workmanship.

Besides making sure all vendors have the proper documentation, the project manager will schedule in what order the vendors should arrive to carry out their specific roles. Smart time management is often the difference between a seamless, on-time office move and a chaotic, frustrating, delayed transition from one office to another.

A Good Project Manager Saves Time and Cuts Through Red Tape

Employees, vendors, movers, office furniture installers, designers, tradesmen … all will be communicating during an office relocation. A dedicated project manager is the go-to person everyone will know to contact with questions, problems, or concerns. Without a project manager, expect hours of delays simply waiting for individuals to respond to emails and voicemails. And, every extra person involved in a complex process, such as an office move, increases the risk of human error. A project manager streamlines all of the details under one umbrella.

A Good Project Manager Is Focused on Saving You Money

A good project manager can save you thousands of dollars, not only by making sure there are no unexpected oversights or delays but also by evaluating your current office furniture and equipment. Some furnishings and accessories (like modular walls) may be able to be retrofitted so they’ll work in your new space (saving you money on new purchases.)

Additionally, project managers have seen many office configurations and are generally knowledgeable about upcoming trends. A good project manager may be able to provide suggestions that will save you time and expense in the future. For example, he may encourage you to install extra outlets or charging stations to accommodate the move toward a more fluid, tech-focused office environment.

If you have an office move coming up, you may be tempted to save money by “doing it all in-house.” In the long-run, though, you’ll save money and headaches by hiring a professional to do it for you.

Houston Installation Services has over 39+ years of experience in project management for professional office relocations and furniture installation projects in the Greater Houston area. If you contact us, we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have about hiring a project manager for your next project. 

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