If you’re of a certain age, you remember a time when the only way to make a private call when away from home or the office was to step into a phone booth. Prolific on street corners and in businesses, phone booths allowed you to close the door and have conversations others couldn’t hear and conversations not muffled by ambient noises.

Today, you’re most likely to find old-school phone booths in museums and antique stores. But reinvented, restyled phone booths are making a big comeback in businesses of all types and sizes for the same reason phone booths existed in their heyday: So people can converse privately and without interruption.

An Ideal Solution for an Inherent Problem with Open Offices

Open offices: You probably either love them or hate them. If you love them, there is one thing about them that you probably don’t love. Open offices are not conducive to private conversations. In many ways, the lack of walls and barriers can be advantageous for many businesses because this office design encourages collaboration. However, there will always be an occasional need for a quiet, private space. Office phone booths are perfect examples of how office furniture can be used strategically to provide smart solutions to office design dilemmas.

Not Your Grandparents’ Phone Booths

Not only are today’s office phone booths functional, but they’re also fun. Since they’re available in myriad styles, sizes, and colors, regardless of your office design style, you’re certain to find plenty of options that will complement your existing office furniture and your interior design choices. Here are examples of five of our favorites phone booths ideal for open office designs.

1. Framery O Office Booths

inline_294_https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2430645/Framery-product-o-white-820x820.pngThe footprint of Framery O office booths somewhat resembles the phone booths of yesteryears. But the similarities end there. Choose from fun colors including teal or pink. Communicate in silence and comfort, as these pods incorporate superior sound insulation and an advanced air ventilation system.

2. VetroSpace PhoneSpace

inline_874_https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2430645/vetrospace-phonespace.jpgAlso slightly resembling old-school phonebooths (and elevators), Vetrospace’s fully enclosed acoustic PhoneSpace is small enough to integrate well into both narrow spaces and large open offices. Built-in lights are a convenient feature.

3. Era Nautilus Screen


The Era Nautilus Screen is truly next level. These freestanding acoustically enhanced phone booths feature a striking curved design in an assortment of 32 colors.

4. TalkBox


TalkBox privacy booths are packed with productivity enhancing bells and whistles including integrated dry erase boards on the inside and outside of the booth, soft interior, adjustable fan, dimmable LED light, skylight, spacious desk, and visual privacy screen so users don’t have to worry about prying eyes.



5. The Hut


The Hut is a larger office phone booth ideal for private phone calls and video conferences involving multiple participants. This acoustic house-shaped home away from home comes in three models: large hut, half a hut, and open hut.

If you have an open-concept office design that you are mostly happy with, but that could benefit from more privacy or noise control, you should definitely look into office phone booths. However, if you feel like you wouldn’t benefit from the cost of phone booths, you can also check out this blog with seven additional ways in minimize noise in an open office

And, as always, contact us at Houston Installation Services if you have any questions or need a recommendation. For more than 35 years we’ve helped companies with their office designs, moves and renovations, and furniture installation. We are familiar with the world’s pre-eminent office furniture manufacturers, and we are happy to lend our expertise to your business.

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