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Joanne St. Martin Cerda

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Joanne has worked for Houston Installation Services since 2006 serving all company financial positions.  She has a knowledge of finance experience in the fields of construction, hospitality, and tax law.

Joanne works the financial side, as well as Customer Service Manager.  Joanne has been successful in dealing with some of the more high-end customers and projects, helping to create the great customer relationships HIS is known for.

Debbie Harbison

Chief Operating Officer

Debbie started her career in 2002 with Houston Installation Services as the Office Manager. She has progressed through a variety of responsibilities including safety, insurance, payroll, and personnel.  She successfully manages some of the top customers of HIS and is the go-to person to get a task done.

Debbie is responsible for implementing and upgrading any administrative software products, helping with the internal flow of the business. Debbie maintains the operations of the company, as well as continuing to grow the personnel side of the business.

Tommy Twardowski

Director of Business Development

Tommy began his career in 1981 with Houston Installation Services. Starting as a furniture installer, he developed a passion for the process of installation and learned to install all major manufacturers’ lines.

Through his experience, Tommy has developed great working relationships with customers, helping to make their office relocations, installations, service work, etc. a seamless experience.

Juan Cerda

Director of Operations

In 2001, Juan started at HIS as a furniture installation supervisor and quickly became a lead project supervisor.  In 2014, he was promoted to Project Manager.  Throughout his career at HIS, he has interacted with the crew and has instilled a great work ethic and process as well as interacting with customers providing them with the utmost customer service satisfaction.

In 2019, Juan has created a new department of HIS as Training and Development Manager.  Juan will oversee keeping the crew up to date on the installation process for new product lines, as well as continued practices of safety, and work processes.

Victor De Leon

Quoting Manager

Victor began his career in the office furniture business in 1998 here at HIS.

With hard work, Victor quickly achieved his goal of becoming a Field Supervisor. He began working on small jobs and moving, performing custom work where needed, and then he promoted to supervising multi-floor projects. 

 Victor manages the quoting and scheduling department.

Art Alba

Warehouse Manager

Art began his career in furniture installation in 1996. He was trained as a furniture installer, then was promoted to crew leader. For the next 14 years, Art was employed at a furniture dealership where he became a supervisor and ultimately, was promoted to warehouse and operations manager. 

In 2016, Art joined the HIS team as a supervisor but was promoted to warehouse manager when the opportunity arose. Art manages inventory, shipping and receiving, and our warehousemen and always working daily to improve and upgrade process and procedures, and communication with our field crews.

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