Office furniture is an investment in more ways than one. Yes, buying office furniture is a financial investment, but it’s also an investment in your business’s future. Vast quantities of research back up the assertion that office furniture absolutely affects employee productivity. In some cases, it can even affect employee retention.

Before you head to the closest office furniture supplier or become seduced by the most colorful office furniture supplier website, spend some time office furniture planning. Think about your office space, the type of atmosphere you want to create, and the type and amount of office furniture you should be purchasing. A bit of forethought will help ensure you don’t make these three common purchasing mistakes.

1: Choosing Furniture That’s Unappealing to Employees

Arguably, this is the worst mistake you can make when furniture shopping. Your employees will be the primary users of the office furniture you select; make sure to consider their wants and needs before you make your purchase. If you’re unsure what type of furniture would make them feel most comfortable and productive at work, ask them! Odds are good that no other employer has ever given them input into the furniture they’ll be using. You’ll get big appreciation points for being the first, and you may be surprised by the feedback you get. Remember: resist your inclination to purchase one-size-fits-all matching furniture for each employee … if, that is, you are serious about boosting productivity and morale.

2: Choosing Furniture That Doesn’t Complement Your Space

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt comfortable because everything looked like it belonged there? If you spend time evaluating your space, you can achieve that same “wow” effect in your office. What size of furniture will make your space feel comfortable and spacious rather than empty or cramped? How can you plan your furniture purchase to maximize natural lighting from windows? What type of furniture will best achieve your vision for, perhaps, an open floor plan with areas dedicated to privacy? And, last but certainly not least, does the design style of the furniture you’re considering complement the architectural style of your office building?

3: Focusing More on Quantity Over Quality

Before buying office furniture, you need to take inventory of how many employees you have and consider how many employees you may add in the foreseeable future. Yet some office buyers focus only on how much furniture they need and fail to take into account the quality of the furniture they’re about to buy. As we’ve already noted, buying office furniture requires a substantial cost investment. You obviously want it to last as long as possible so you can recoup a return on your investment. Quality involves more than just how the furniture is constructed and what materials it’s crafted with. High-quality furniture is versatile so it can stand the test of time. Many quality pieces are modular so they can be configured in different ways to accommodate changing needs, yet high-quality adaptable furniture can also work in different office spaces. If there’s a chance you could relocate, know that quality, adaptable furniture might simply require a bit of re-configuring to fit into your future office.

On the surface, shopping for office furniture sounds like a simple undertaking. And, it can be — as long as you take time to consider your and your employees’ needs, and to shop around and research your options. At Houston Installation Services, we’ve been in the office furniture installation business for 35+ years, and we are here to help you for your next office redesign, more, or restructure. Please contact us if you have any questions or to discuss how to avoid making other mistakes with your office furniture.

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