Is your office design bland, boring, and uninspired? While a complete office remodel or renovation may not be in your budget, you’d be surprised by how impactful even small, inexpensive updates can be. One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up and refresh your space is to introduce pops of bright color in subtle ways. Remember one of the hottest office design trends for 2019 is to add some color to your walls! Even better? Introduce pops of a color that isn’t usually seen around the office … such as Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, living coral.

Meet PANTONE 16-1546: Living Coral

inline_481_ to Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, the organization chose Living Coral as its color of the year, in part, because the color’s “humanizing and heartening qualities” speak to consumers who crave human interaction and social connection as an antidote to the onslaught of digital technology and social media we all face on a daily basis. Living coral, the organization says, “welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity” and encourages optimism and joyful pursuits. This “vibrant yet mellow” hue will not only add visual interest to your office space – it might just boost employee morale!

5 Ways to Incorporate Living Coral Around Your Office Space

One of the most obvious ways to add color to any space is to apply a coat of paint. And, even with a bold color like Living Coral, that may be an option in your office environment. The key is restraint! A Living Coral-colored accent wall may be appropriate, but you probably don’t want to paint an entire room such a bold color. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable, easy ways to incorporate this feel-good color into your space.

1. Office Furniture.

From break room chairs to reception area sofas, upholstery is a classy, functional way to incorporate this on-trend color. Check out the coral upholstery options from high-quality office furniture makers like Hon and All Steel Office.

2. Office Supplies.

Just because something is functional it need not be boring! Add some excitement to the daily grind by upgrading office notebooks, staplers, tape dispensers, pen holders, paperclips, etc. Companies such as offer fun and functional coral-colored office accessories.

3. Decor.

You don’t have to go far to find coral-colored design accents of all kinds. Check out these frames from Zazzle, this wall art from Amazon, and this planter from Target. If your office has a sunny window or outdoor patio area, you can even fill your coral planters with Living Coral-colored plants!

Read more about why plants are always a great addition to your office space!

4. Safety gear.

If your office setting requires employees to wear safety glasses or other protective gear and equipment, you may be surprised to learn that even this equipment is available in fashion colors – including coral! Check out these safety glasses from Prestige Medical.

5. Paper Goods.

If your office is typical, you have posted signs, notifications, sign up sheets, etc. Again, you can be productive without being bland! Check out this coral cardstock and multipurpose paper. You can even brighten your office break room by stocking it with pretty coral napkins and party supplies for your team’s birthday celebrations.

There you have it! It’s easy to be on-trend and incorporate the Color of the Year into any space, including your office space!

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