It’s undeniable that the traditional workspace is evolving — in a good way! As the percentage of Millennials in the workplace continues to rise, workspaces are changed to accommodate their priorities and preferences. In 2016, Millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce.

What do millennials value in the workplace? Flexibility and anything that improves work-life balance. These can range from perks like in-office fitness centers and the ability to telecommute to furniture solutions that promote the opposite of the “butt-in-seat” culture of the workspaces typical of prior generations. Active workspace pieces are in high demand, and ergonomic furniture manufacturer by Humanscale is a pioneer in this category.

As office furniture installers and movers, our team at Houston Installation Services (HIS) has assembled, transported and sampled many Humanscale active-workspace pieces. In fact, not only are we Houston area Humanscale installers, we have incorporated several Humanscale products into our own office. Here are a handful of our favorites!

Foot Rests

Humanscale’s foot rests stimulate the lower leg muscles, reduces back pressure and promotes healthy blood circulation by elevating the feet and encouraging gentle rocking. It’s a simple, effective solution to counteract the soreness and swelling that often accompanies with static sitting for an extended period of time. Humanscale ergonomic footrests are available in three models.

Keyboard Systems

Research conducted over the course of a decade shows that negative-sloped adjustable keyboard holders encourage neutral hand, wrist, and upper body placement – the positioning least likely to lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems.

Humanscale’s articulating keyboard systems feature adjustable height and angle (and are designed so they cannot be tilted to positive position, which is most likely to cause tendonitis; shoulder, neck and back pain; and joint problems.) Humanscale revolutionized articulating keyboard technology in the late 1990s and sells more ergonomic keyboard systems than all other furniture manufacturers combined.


Interior Design magazine named this innovative, ergonomic product the best office accent product of the decade in 2015. The QuickStand is an adjustable-height sit/stand workstation. The product attaches to the back of any desk or work surface and ensures that the computer screen and keyboard are positioned in an ergonomically ideal position for the user.

The QuickStand is constructed with a unique counterbalance mechanism that makes it easy for users to transition from sitting to standing. This workstation is a favorite of office furniture installers, because it is lightweight, has a minimal footprint and can be repositioned quickly and easily to accommodate changes to the workspace.

Ballo Stool

We love Humanscales’ Ballo Stool because not only is it functional, it’s fun! It comes in an array of peppy colors including red, green, yellow and blue, black and gray. Study after study has concluded (not surprisingly) that employees who are comfortable at work are happier at work. And, happy employees are more productive employees.

The Ballo Stool looks like a two-headed mushroom. It features one compact central column with lightweight air-filled half-circle domes on each end. It has a counter weighted base that helps stabilize the stool and allow users to gently say back and forth. It strengthens users as they sit by engaging the core muscles and is so stabile users can bend with ease.

The traditional office workplace has come a long way. Thanks to ergonomic alternatives to old-school furnishings and accessories, the workplace is now healthy, more comfortable and conducive to productivity and creativity. If you’d like to learn more about these Humanscale installation in Houston, or other ergonomic solutions we’ve worked on as office furniture installers, give us a call at Houston Installation Services!

For more ideas and suggestions from our experienced office furniture installers, you can also read about some of our favorite Herman Miller office furniture pieces.

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