Whether it’s an economical or a high-end office furniture brand like Herman Miller or Teknion, your office furniture is a significant investment that needs to last. It may not be in your budget to upgrade it simply to give your office space a new look. It may not even be in your budget to upgrade it when you’re relocating to a new space – even though it’s likely that your existing furniture will not fit in your new office space. An experienced office furniture installer can help you make the most of your existing furniture in your new space.

Furniture Fit Problems: Common When Moving Furniture from One Site to Another

Even if you’re working with the most skilled designers and builders, it’s probable that your new office space will not be the same size as your old office space. Even if you’re moving to a building of similar square footage, the location of columns, walls, windows, electrical outlets, thermostats, etc. will be different. That’s why furniture fit problems are common. 

Office Furniture Installers Don’t Just Move and Set Up Furniture

Most reputable office furniture installers have helped scores or hundreds of companies relocate. They’ve perfected the art of modifying, adjusting, and tweaking office furniture to make sure customers get the most from their office furniture investment.

Each relocation presents different challenges and lessons learned. Skilled installers help customers save money by making their existing furniture work in a new office space. They may be able to:

  • rearrange workstations into a different configuration. For instance, they may be able to turn a U-shaped workstation into an L-shaped workstation.
  • cut down workstation tops so they’ll fit. Don’t worry; they’ll look seamless and as good as new when the job is finished.
  • reconfigure furniture with fewer panels so it will fit into a smaller footprint. Or, if you’re moving into a larger space, they may be able to locate extra matching panels locally and reconfigure furniture to make it work well in a larger space.
  • cut a return or a bridge on freestanding furniture.
  • recommend eliminating workstations, filing cabinets, tables, credenzas, and any other furniture items that aren’t needed immediately. They may also be able to store them at their facility so you’ll be able to access them quickly and easily if you need them at a later date.

Companies that work with a professional designer or furniture project manager to plan out a new office space usually don’t experience massive fit problems with their existing furniture. Usually, professionals are able to design a space to accommodate most furniture as it is, and fit problems are exceptions rather than the rule.

Companies that move from one space to another without professional help are much more likely to experience widespread fit issues with their old furniture. That’s just one of the many reasons why it makes sense to partner with an experienced office furniture installer before embarking on an office move. Doing it the right way, in the beginning, will save you time, frustration, and money in the long run. Houston Installation Services does not only install office furniture, we solve problems, including making old furniture work in new offices.

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