According to Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That statement is a huge exaggeration in reality because good things happen every day. Still, when you’re facing a large, complex undertaking like an office move or relocation, you should always plan for the unexpected, have a Plan B in your back pocket and make sure you’re working with vendors who have similar foresight.

Movers Versus Installers: There’s A Difference

If you’re planning an office relocation, your first inclination may be to choose office furniture movers based on the lowest bid. After all, aren’t all moving companies the same? All you need are strong men and a big truck, right? Wrong. There’s much more to an office relocation than hauling furniture, equipment, and boxes.

When you hire an office mover, you only get a mover. When you hire a specialized office mover/installer, you get professionals who will set up your furniture, equipment, and panels so you have a functional workspace rather than piles of boxes. You also get an experienced project manager who will make certain your space is ready when you are. The benefit of a dedicated project manager becomes particularly valuable if you are embarking on a long-distance office move or relocation. Having a project manager onsite means you don’t have to be onsite. The project manager will update you and even send you photos regularly. Your company will save money and travel time.

Office furniture installers are also incredibly helpful once you are in your new space. They’re office layout experts and will help you use existing resources (outlets, power, internet cables, etc.) to keep costs down and expedite the move in.

Check out more reasons that you’ll want a project manager for your next office move, relocation, or reconfiguration.

Never Assume Your Space Will Be Ready

When you hire office movers, you bear the burden of serving as project manager. An office move is chaotic. When you hire an office furniture installer, you’ll have peace of mind that a qualified project manager has visited your new site and confirmed it is move-in ready before the trucks and equipment arrive.

When Murphy’s Law Comes to Fruition

It’s possible that when your project manager conducts a final walk-through of your new space, he or she will discover it is not move-in ready. This outcome represents one scenario when you’ll be thankful you didn’t go with the cheapest moving company. A professional furniture installer will be prepared with a contingency plan.

How an Installer Will Help When You’re in Limbo

If you learn your new space isn’t ready on move-in day, you need not panic when you’re working with a professional furniture installer. Where a typical moving company would simply turn its trucks around and say, “Good luck, call us when your ready” an experienced installer will spring into action to help.

Depending on how long your moving date is delayed, your installer can help in two ways:

  1. If contractors assure you your new space will be ready soon, your installer can arrange to store furniture and equipment in a warehouse until your space is finished. This storage is especially helpful if you’re expecting shipments of new equipment from vendors – you can simply change the delivery destination to the installer’s storage facility.
  2. If your project manager has identified major problems with your new space during the final walk-through, you might need a longer-term plan. If you can extend the lease on your current location, your installer will help you unpack and set up your space again. If you’re not able to extend your lease (ie: a new tenant is slated to move in), your installer can help you secure and set up a temporary location until your space is complete.

When you’re considering companies to help with your office move, choose a provider that provides brains and brawn for office moving services. For more than 35 years, Houston Installation Services has helped companies throughout Southeast Texas negotiate all aspects of office relocation. 

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