Coordinating an office move is one of the most monumental tasks an office manager can tackle. This logistical feat requires tremendous patience and outstanding organizational skills, and your success will depend largely on the office movers you choose to help you pull off this huge project. Remember, now is not the time to choose a service provider based on the lowest bid.

Do not settle for just men and a truck, which is what you’ll get from most moving services. Office furniture installers, on the other hand, are specialty movers who know the differences between an office relocation, an office reconfiguration, and an office downsizing. They are familiar with the challenges of large-scale office moves, and they provide a project manager to work with you every step of the way until you, your equipment, and your team are settled into your new office. Here are three common problems that often arise during office moves — problems that skilled office furniture movers will know to address well in advance of moving day.

Problem One: No Security Clearance

Identity theft, petty theft, vandalism, and terrorism: office buildings are more focused on security now than ever before. Most office buildings have multiple layers of security in place to keep their tenants safe, including requiring vendors to receive a security clearance before they can enter the building.

One of the most common reasons that office moves are thrown off-schedule is because the movers show up without security clearance. Everyone who enters the building must receive a security clearance in advance and carry their credentials with them at all times.

Problem Two: No Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document verifying that a vendor has insurance; it specifies what types of insurance coverages the vendor has, and it lists coverage limits and the effective dates of coverage. The certificate of insurance also includes the policy number and contact information for the insurance company. Since there is a significant risk that property can be damaged or individuals can be hurt during an office move, most office leasing companies will not allow a move to begin until they have a valid certificate of insurance on file.

Often, a mover will show up with a certificate of insurance in hand, assuming it is sufficient. It’s not! Documents can be forged and falsified. Most companies require that the certificate of insurance come directly from an agency or primary insurer — they won’t accept it from the vendor.

Problem Three: Site Problems

Last but certainly not least, many office managers discover physical problems at the new location that make it impossible to move in. This issue is very common and entirely preventable.

In some cases, the movers show up to the new site and discover it’s not ready for move-in. In other cases, they show up and learn that the building’s elevator isn’t working or the loading docks aren’t compatible with their truck.

Not all office moving services assign clients a project manager who visits the site well before the move date to identify any logistical problems and address them in advance. There’s nothing more frustrating and disruptive than discovering an office move must be delayed because of issues at the new location, especially when it has been in the works for weeks or months already.

Problems Solved!

The most reliable way to make sure your office move isn’t subject to these common problems is to work with office furniture movers you can trust. When you choose to work with a company that has experience in office moves, you can rest your mind knowing that they are prepared for these problems and more. The right company will have warehouse space available to you should the inevitable surprise arise and your products need to be stored safely for a period of time. Houston Installation Services has been seamlessly and professionally overseeing office moves and remodels for more than 35 years.

Our track record speaks for itself: We are proud of our 99 percent on-schedule completion rate, and our project managers strive to prevent problems and ensure every job runs smoothly. Contact us for all of your office installation and relocation needs.


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