If you’re planning an office renovation, your top priorities are probably lining up a contractor skilled in interior construction, a moving company, a storage facility and possibly a temporary workspace for your employees until your office remodel is complete.

You may plan to bring in an interior designer toward the end of your office renovation. But what about an office furniture installer – do you need one? If so, when do you need one? The answers are simple: Yes, you need an office furniture installer if you’ll be changing your space and your office furniture. You need this office furniture installer’s input as soon as you find yourself asking, “Where do I start?” and “Can I make our existing furniture work in the new space?”

If you are still unsure if you need office furniture installers over a regular office moving company take our quiz!

Office Furniture Installers Wear Multiple Hats!

On the surface, you may assume office furniture installers assemble office furnishings like desks, chairs, credenzas, etc. They absolutely do that – and so much more than you may realize:

  • Whether you plan to use your existing office furniture or purchase new furniture, you’ll need to disassemble your furniture before your office space reconfiguration can begin. Office furniture installers are experts in proper assembly and disassembly of products. If items are disassembled carelessly or incorrectly, they can become damaged and unusable.
  • If your office remodel calls for cubicles, office furniture installers can perform expert cubicle installation to exacting specifications.
  • Speaking of “exacting specifications,” office furniture installers are skilled in taking accurate field measurements. Often, these measurements alert clients that a construction blueprint or existing space is not compatible with the office furniture planned for that space. Installers are problem solvers! They can usually recommend adjustments or ways you can modify your office furniture to ensure your space will come together. At the very least, they will warn you of the potential problems early on, so you and your contractor can work around them.
  • Office furniture installers are experts in an array of office furniture styles and manufacturers. Before you hire an interior designer, consider bringing in an installer to provide ideas about new furniture styles or brands you may want to consider.
  • When you’re ready to begin moving into your new space and having your furniture assembled or reassembled, an office furniture installer can become your project manager. He’ll assess what’s needed, explain the steps necessary to get you to move-in day and devise a timeline to expedite the install and keep things on schedule.
  • Office furniture installers are accustomed to working closely with other trades (the contractor overseeing the office remodel, electricians, carpet installers, painters, etc.) to ensure the project moves forward and doesn’t become delayed in any way.
  • And, of course, office furniture installers will coordinate the delivery of furniture items and schedule installation dates – always being flexible to accommodate hiccups such as delays in a contractor delivering the finished space or delays in furniture receipt (which is, unfortunately, very common!) Some installers will even have the space to store product for you and arrange for delivery to your site at the same time, when all goods arrive.

Seek Help Sooner Rather than Later

Now that you understand more about the many ways an office furniture can help you as you navigate your office renovation, hopefully you understand why it’s wise to enlist their help as early as possible!

If you weren’t certain about what office furniture installers can do for you, you probably have no idea how to choose one. If you’re in the Houston area, contact Houston Installation Services learn more about our experienced office furniture installers. We have more than 35 years of experience in office furniture installation and corporate renovations and relocations. Let us help you!

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