There are two primary reasons businesses decide to reconfigure their office space: 1) A growing business needs to make room for new employees and furniture. 2) A downsizing business needs to reduce its footprint to save on rent — and somehow fit everyone into that smaller space.

Fortunately, most office interiors are designed to be adaptable. Walls may need to be moved or other construction may need to take place before you can move anyone. But there are things to consider before you start moving furniture. If you’re ready to reconfigure office space, here are three tips to save money and achieve optimal results.

 1. Don’t Entrust This Critical Job to a Moving Company

When moving companies hire employees, most look for one primary characteristic: brawn. Got muscles? Get hired. There’s a huge portion of moving offices that’s more than lifting and carrying objects from Point A to Point B.  In a nutshell, a moving comany drives a truck, lifts and carries heavy items, and occasionally packs boxes and containers. But it’s not what’s really needed when you’re reconfiguring office space.

While there is some brawn required, it also requires a well-thought out plan and exception organization. Deciding how to rearrange workstations to make the best use of your new space is like solving a complex logistical puzzle. Office furniture moving companies don’t employ run-of-the-mill movers. They employ trained installers who have a knack for organization and know how to optimize each square foot of a space to maximize workplace productivity. They’re also typically familiar with many brands of office furniture, including cubicles, and how to connect and disconnect power to workstations.

Their job involves sizing up a space, creating a plan, disassembling, re-assembling, fitting, and installing office furniture and other components needed to make your space functional and comfortable.

2. Meet With Installers at Your Site Before Beginning Work

As tempting as it may be to jump right into the physical aspects of reconfiguring your space the first time you meet with your crew, the most important tool needed will be a measuring tape. Arrange a site visit with the office furniture installers before beginning the job so you can come up with a concise plan. By measuring your space in advance, you can confirm that everything you want to include in the space will fit. It also allows them to identify any possible hiccups involving your electrical system. Sometimes, it’s necessary to bring electricians in before or during the reconfiguration process. When you’re aware of that in advance, you’ll avoid costly, frustrating delays.

Find out more about why you’ll want to hire a project manager for your next office reconfiguration.

3. Get Your Installers’ Input Before Ordering New Office Furniture and Accessories

If you need to order new cubicles, seating or movable walls as part of your office reconfiguration, don’t do so until you discuss it with your installers. Their skill and experience can provide you with the exact measurements and specifications you’ll need to order. Better yet, installers often know how to adapt your existing furniture and fixtures so you can incorporate them into your new office design. The more you can reuse what you already have, the more money you will save (and the more quickly your office reorgnization will go).

If you’re planning an office space reorganization, do yourself a huge favor and partner with a skilled office furniture moving and installation company. Office furniture installers help customers rework their office spaces on a daily basis. They can use their knowledge of past experiences to make your job go smoothly. They’ve seen mistakes that other clients have made and can warn you of possible pitfalls before they happen. Without the right partner, an office remodel can be chaotic and stressful. Choose the right partner, and your job will be completed with precision and professionalism.

If you’re considering an office reconfiguration, please let us know and we’ll come out for a free consultation.

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