You never can tell what will happen when you’re trying to move to a new office space, or even if you’re just re-organizing your current office. There are so many variables to juggle, but did you know that your office furniture installation company should be able to reduce the stress by doing more than just removing and re-installing office furniture?

Here are five things you should talk to your furniture installer about before your next office move:

1) Can they handle unexpected deliveries?

Sometimes you can’t control when the trucks arrive at your new facility full of furniture that needs to be offloaded. Talk to your furniture installers to be sure that they are able to be flexible if a shipment should arrive early or late, or if they’re told that the space isn’t ready by the general contractor. What is Plan B for each scenario? Your furniture installation company should be ready to handle this on your behalf.

2) Are they available at night and on weekends?

Be sure your office furniture installers are willing to move your office space in the evenings, weekends, or whenever the space is not being used to keep a workable space for employees and possibly even their customers during the transition.

3) Can they help you find a way to use the office furniture you have in the new space?

Talk to the office furniture installer about their ability to use your current office furniture and have it fit to the space you’re moving into.  Furniture installers may also be able to modify existing office furniture on-site when the space doesn’t match the specs or drawings they were given ahead of time. Office furniture is expensive, so saving money by using existing pieces can literally save thousands.

4) Do they have experience with space planning?

Some offices require a specific company, such as an architect, plan the space for a new office or when an office is being remodeled. However, if you dno’t have these requirements, who would you turn to? Ask your furniture installer if they can assist with space planning to be sure that you can fit your needs into the space. They should even be able to give you a couple options in most cases. Office furniture installers see office spaces everyday and in every configuration. They may also be familiar with the types of office furniture you have to help you with identifying what you can re-use and what you’ll need to order. You may also be interested in reading our blog about creating an ideal work environment in your office.

5) What happens if something goes wrong? 

Can they think on their feet? Things happen and your furniture installer should be able to help you come up with options for how to fix any problems that arise from mis-ordered furniture or the wrong parts being delivered. Furniture refurbishing companies, used furniture that can be purchases or other options can be suggested by an office furniture installer familiar with their market area. Using these options can save you a lot of time and money.

Houston Installation Services serving the Southeast Texas region offers all of these services and more to every client. Our mission is to create a “wow” experience for each customer every day. We can’t do that without offering more than just installing and un-installing office furniture. To learn more about how we can help, request a free quote. 

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