While open concept offices, office benching, and office hoteling are up and coming office design choices for many companies, these types of layouts don’t work for all companies. If your employees are situated in cubicles and the arrangement works for you and your team, there is no need to bend to peer pressure! Cubicle office layouts have unique benefits that some other office layouts don’t – including a sense of privacy and having one’s own space, noise control, and the ability to be configured and reconfigured in various ways.

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If your office is still in cubicles, you want to keep it that way, and you are planning an office move, you do need to get a professional office furniture installer involved. Cubicles represent a significant investment, and if you’re not careful they can easily be damaged before, during, or after transport.

Moving Cubicles

When they are set up, cubicles look seamless and simple. But beyond what the eye can see, there are many components (rods, springs, connector rails, levers, latches, screws, etc.) inside cubicle walls. Moving cubicles requires much more than the equipment and manpower to lift and transport these heavy, bulky items. All of the interior components must be addressed individually and properly. Otherwise, when you get to your new space you may discover that the components will not fit back together again. Then, you will really have a dilemma on your hands!

In addition to ensuring your cubicles are configured properly, it’s important to ensure they are aligned properly. If you stand and look down any long, common wall in your office, you will probably notice that it zigs and zags. Most walls do. When setting up cubicles these otherwise benign, minor zigs and zags can cause problems inside individual cubicles. For example, these variations can cause drawers and overhead storage doors to stick and be hard to open. Crews familiar with cubicle installation can correct this fairly quickly.

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Professional furniture installers have the expertise and tools to disassemble, move, and reassemble your office cubicles without damaging them. You will save money by being able to reuse your existing furniture. You also will save lots of time when you allow professionals to tackle this complex job.

Repairing and Maintaining Cubicles

Office furniture installers not only help move cubicles safely, they repair and maintain cubicles so they continue to serve you well through the years. Like any other type of furniture, cubicles are subject to wear and tear cosmetic and functional damage.

Drawers become jammed or stuck. Drawer locks become broken and keys get lost. Surfaces become scratched. Shelves become wobbly. Kick plates become bent. Wheels come off or become stuck. Panels become dented. Fabric becomes worn, soiled, or stained. That’s just what happens to furniture, regardless of what type of furniture it is, in a busy office. It makes much more sense, from a financial standpoint, to have your cubicles professionally repaired than it is to replace them.

Professional furniture installers not only install and move cubicles. They also repair and refresh them so they look and perform as good as new. Among the many things they do to keep your cubicles in good working condition are releasing jammed or stuck drawers, retouching scratched painted surfaces, refinishing worn wooden surfaces, straightening dented panels, and replacing lost or damaged parts like wheels, drawer pulls, and locks. Many professional office furniture installers also offer onsite spot or full-panel fabric cleaning to keep fabrics fresh, clean, and bright.

Sometimes, you may decide you’d like to modify your existing cubicles in some way – enlarging or reconfiguring their layout, for example. Office furniture installers can take care of this as well. They’re experts about all things related to office furniture, including cubicles, and are invaluable in keeping your office organized, functioning well, and projecting a professional and capable image to clients, customers, and potential employees.

Is your office still in cubicles? We need to talk! Whether you are planning an upcoming move or have realized your cubicles have seen better days, Houston Installation Services is here to help! We also have more pointers for how to save big on your next office move or remodel.

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