Office furniture isn’t usually known for being fashion-forward, groundbreaking or innovative – unless, that is, you’re talking about Herman Miller office furniture. Herman Miller, launched more than 100 years ago, is not an average furniture company. It’s a company where outstanding design and problem-solving architecture is at the core of every product. As office furniture installers, we see a lot of office furniture so we wanted to share some of our Herman Miller favorites!

Aeron Office Chair

Introduced in 1994, the original Aeron turned the idea of an “office chair” on its head. This iconic piece, now on permanent display in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, was revolutionary because it allowed users to adjust seat and arm height, angle, seat back tension, etc. In other words, it was a chair that adjusted to fit its user, rather than a static chair that required its user to contort his or her body to fit the furniture.

Just as classic films are remixed and changed up to appeal to new audiences, the Aeron chair has been updated with additional material options to integrate into modern office environments. Its features better distribute users’ body weight, improve lumbar support, and add intuitive adjustment capabilities to enhance comfort. If you think all office chairs are more or less the same, you have not experienced an Aeron!

Eames Classic Desk

While much of the appeal of the Aeron office chair is its myriad bells and whistles, the appeal of the Eames Classic desk is its practical, functional and attractive simplicity. A desk should provide an ample workspace, ample storage and display flexibility. Beyond that, it should not be distracting in any way. This desk has a roomy drawer to accommodate hanging folders that can be positioned on the left or right. It pairs with the line’s selection of storage cases and cabinets.

Envelop Desk

Herman Miller describes the Envelop desk as “the first desk designed with task chairs in mind.” The desk’s designers were perplexed about why people in the best ergonomically designed task chairs still hunched over when working at their desk. They discovered that because the desk surface wasn’t connected to the chair surface, posture suffered. The Envelop desk solves this issue with a flexible work surface that slides to “envelop” a person while working. You can use the desk while seated, or you can adjust it as a standing desk.

Locale System Workstations

Do you like to work alone, or do you prefer to collaborate closely with your team? Do you like to sit at your desk, or do you prefer to stand? With the Locale system, you don’t need to choose just one option. You can seamlessly transition between the options as your needs and desires change. Locale workstations feature curved, height-adjustable surfaces that feel open, rather than restrictive. Thanks to minimal table legs to get in the way, users can freely transition from solo to teamwork in seconds. Locale delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

Meridian Storage

These storage units evolve along with your office and can be scaled up or down depending on staffing level. You can use Meridian Storage as stacking or stand-alone modules, all of which feature cushion-topped drawers and pedestals that double as extra seating for guests.

If you haven’t experienced the versatility of Herman Miller office furnishings, you’re missing out on a line that delivers the ultimate in quality and productivity. We at Houston Installation Services know office furniture – we configure and install it for a living! We’re continually impressed by the offerings from Herman Miller, and we’re sure you will be, too.

You can also read about our favorite Humanscale Active Workplace pieces here.

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