Is your business growing and do you anticipate needing to hire new employees in the near future? Do you anticipate your on-premises workforce to decrease in the near future, perhaps because you’re allowing employees to transition to a telecommuting arrangement? Do you foresee a steady in-house staffing level, but want to redesign your outdated space? Modular office design is ideal for all of these scenarios!

Modular office design is the most flexible way to configure an office. Instead of being limited to permanent walls and floor plans, modular walls can be added, moved, and removed – easily and without the mess and inconvenience of construction. Modular office designs are about strategic configuration as opposed to inflexible, permanent construction. Besides the fact that modular walls are infinitely flexible and reconfigurable, here are three additional benefits of modular office designs.

Modular Office Designs Save Businesses Money

When you decide to implement a modular design strategy, you’ll save money for various reasons. Instead of having to relocate to a new space that has more or fewer (or larger or smaller offices), you’ll be able to update the space you’re already in. This means you won’t incur the spaces associated with searching for a new space, a possibly more expensive lease, hiring movers, and losing productivity due to the hassles of moving. Modular walls save money over traditional walls because installation is much faster, so you’ll spend much less on installation costs. And, while traditional walls are depreciated as a capital cost over a 30-year period, modular walls depreciate over a 7-year period.

A Modular Design Encourages Productivity and Boosts Morale

Unlike traditional offices with traditional walls and doors, modular offices have a slightly forward-thinking, futuristic feel. In many markets, they’re still the exception rather than the norm. That in itself is enough to shake up the mood in the office – for the better. Even more beneficial, though, is that modular offices are 100% customizable to your team, your corporate culture, and your requirements for productivity and success. Whether your ideal environment is grouping an entire department together in a pod to maximize creativity or pairs to encourage collaboration, placing pairs of coworkers together, or delivering individuals absolute privacy, modular walls can deliver.

Modular Office Designs Reduce Wasted Space

Whether you lease your office space or own it, every square foot of that space is valuable. Modular walls allow you to maximize the use of that investment. You can opt, perhaps, to allot the prime real estate to higher-ups and VIPs – but give them less of it if they’re not frequently in the office. You can make offices smaller to accommodate more employees or give employees more room to breathe by enlarging their offices when your employee count declines. You can also eliminate extraneous offices and turn them into relaxation spaces. You can make these changes as often as you need to, because these tweaks take skilled installers a couple of days instead of taking construction crews weeks to reconfigure an office with traditional walls.

If your current office space is too cramped or too large, contact us at Houston Installation Services before you contact a real-estate agent. The most cost-effective, least-disruptive, and most productivity-enhancing option may be to stay put – but reconfigure your office space with modular office design!

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