This is the time of year when kids all across the country are getting used to their new teachers, classmates, and schedules; many of them are also getting used to new and very different classroom setups. Just as more offices now incorporate comfortable ergonomic seating and flexible workspaces that encourage interaction and productivity, more schools and teachers are also thinking outside of the box when furnishing their classrooms.

The status quo classroom arrangement usually consists of those heavy all-in-one desk and cubby structures paired with uncomfortable plastic chairs, or heavy long faux-wood tables at which groups of students sit – also paired with uncomfortable plastic chairs. If you had to remain seated for an extended period of time (like students are usually expected to), would you want to sit in a tiny injection-molded chair? If you had to look at the same wall and the same students day after day, would you become bored and lose focus? Exactly.

Is there a benefit to flexible classroom seating?

When kids are uncomfortable and subjected to the same classroom format day after day, they’re more likely to lose focus and zone out rather than pay attention to the teacher. That’s precisely why the most proactive educators are outfitting their classrooms with furnishings that are ergonomic (i.e.: comfortable) and lightweight, which makes it easy to change things up to keep things fresh.

Educators are using myriad strategies to achieve this. Some classrooms incorporate a combination of nontraditional seating (such as beanbags, large floor pillows, and even hammocks set off to create special reading areas or spaces for one-on-one instruction), as well as more traditional furnishings crafted with a new focus on comfort and flexibility. Here are some of our favorite classroom furnishings-with-a-twist!

1. Versatile Two-Seat Lounge

Flexible learning and flexible seating in classrooms!

HON’s Ignition two-seat lounge is ideal for the classroom! Teachers instructing small groups, partners working on a project, or friends who have been selected for the honor of sitting together for the day will love this lounge. Not only is it available in a rainbow of colors and patterns, it’s also available in your choice of three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes, and four arm styles, and mesh or upholstered back. Each piece is equipped with three tilt controls that support collaboration or computer work.

2. Fun Multi-Purpose Tables

If you build it, they will learn!

HON’s build tables are the ideal foundation with which to nourish creativity! These tables are available in kite, ribbon, wisp, rectangle, half-round, and arc shapes that can be combined with each other to create a truly one-of-a-kind classroom. The tables feature adjustable leg heights so they can grow as students do, glides for easy movement on all surfaces, and come in 14 colors and your choice of wood grain, solid, or patterned laminate.

3. Traditional-Style Classroom Desks

Sometimes traditional learning works best for your class.

These desks from KI are ideal for educators who prefer to retain the look of the traditional classroom – but upgrade the comfort and functionality. They feature a convenient and space-maximizing all-in-one chair and desk, with much more leg and torso room, a much lighter weight to encourage changing up seating charts, and a sleek, modern silhouette to blend with any decorating scheme.

4. Studious Study Corrals

For when you need to provide private learning spaces.

KI’s sleek, private InTandem study corrals deliver privacy with screens spanning the length of the work surface. Students can collaborate when the teacher allows it, and can silently focus on tests and quizzes without worry about their neighbor’s wandering eyes. Their space-saving design helps to maximize every valuable square inch of the classroom’s footprint!

As furniture companies continue to innovate with fresh takes on classroom staples, the future for students has never been brighter!

Houston Installation Services has been installing office and educational furniture in Houston for 40+ years. For more information on furniture installation or recommendations in your daycare, elementary school, high school, and high-education buildings please contact us at 713-462-7067.

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