When it’s time to upsize, downsize or simply modernize your office space, you may be unsure of where to begin. Or, you may assume you must begin by hiring an architectural firm. In some cases, it is necessary to hire an architect to plan and oversee complex structural changes to your office space. In other cases, you can achieve your desired results and save a significant amount of money by foregoing an architect and hiring an office furniture installation company or dealer instead.

Situations Requiring an Architect

If you’re planning more of a brand-new build out as opposed to a simple office space reconfiguration, plan to add or remove windows, or completely redesign the structure of your existing office, you’ll need to hire an architect. An architect, by definition, is “a person who designs buildings and advises in their construction.” Architects will create the blueprints for your facility, specifying the size and placement of permanent walls, windows, ceilings, electrical, cabling, fire safety features, etc. An architect also will make sure that everything is specified to code.

Typically, architects don’t become involved in choosing the team that will install cubicles, furniture, etc. Occasionally, though, architects do choose the installation team – as well as the furniture line, carpeting, paint colors, and other interior design elements. How involved an architect will be beyond planning a building’s structural design is up to the client. (The more involved the architect is, the more expensive the project will be!)

Situations an Office Furniture Installer Can Handle – Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Not all services require an architect! If you don’t plan to tear down existing walls or build a new office space, you can save a significant amount of money by foregoing the services of an architect. Most furniture-based office remodels can be managed and carried out by an office furniture dealer that is teamed up with an experienced installer. Furniture installers can move and modify existing furniture in your current space, replace old furniture with new furniture (and recommend specific manufacturers), handle such basic electrical needs as installing powering to walls or ceilings using manufacturer-supplied components and by coordinating with a licensed electrician.

Even if you are pursuing a new build out, once you have a completed floor that’s ready to occupy, that’s the ideal time for office furniture installers to take control of your project. Office furniture installers obviously install office furniture. They also do much more. Installers are qualified and trained to take exacting field measurements before an install begins. Accurate measurements are critical, and by the time they’re needed, the architect’s role in the project has usually already ended. Installers will evaluate these measurements, point out any build-out differentials and devise a plan to accommodate any changes necessary.

In addition to architects and office furniture installers, office project managers are available to assist with in-between projects. They will understand building code and may be less costly than full architecture firms. The bottom line: You have options! Before you call an architect, make sure you really need one.

If you determine that you don’t need an architect, that doesn’t mean you can handle the job internally – saving money is great, but some jobs require professional help. Office remodels, renovations and relocations definitely fall into that category. If you’re in the Houston area and think you could benefit from the services of an office furniture installer, please contact us at Houston Installation Services (HIS) for a free customized quote. We are here to help you plan and deliver a space that you and your team will love!

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