If you office in the Houston Metroplex, you’re probably well aware that after a commercial real-estate downturn, the market is roaring back with a vengeance. Rents on office and industrial spaces are increasing (and in some areas, finding vacant industrial space is becoming a challenge.)

While a real-estate resurgence is definitely great news for local businesses, it can also present a quandary. If you have excess product, equipment, or office furniture, it’s no longer as easy and inexpensive to rent your own industrial space in which to store it.

If you’re not willing to commit to a long-term industrial lease, you may assume your only option is to store your excess inventory, furniture, and equipment onsite. That arrangement has downsides, too.

There’s Another (Better) Corporate Storage Option

You’ve heard of mini-storage facilities – those self-contained units you can lease to store household items that won’t fit in your garage or attic. You may not be aware of the existence of corporate warehousing solutions, or sometimes called corporate storage. Unlike self-storage facilities, corporate storage is designed to be extra-secure, easily accessible, flexible, and able to accommodate just a few items or the contents of an entire corporate office.

What Businesses Can Benefit for Corporate Warehousing?

Myriad businesses find themselves in need of corporate storage solutions for all kinds of reasons.

  • Restaurants often have furnishings and equipment they use on an occasional basis – such as when they’re hired for a large catering event.
  • Retail stores typically buy in bulk and need to store excess inventory until it’s needed on the store floor.
  • Contractors often own heavy equipment and bulky tools they need to access only on an as-needed basis (cement mixers, tall ladders, tile saws, industrial sanders, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical and sales companies often have large quantities of samples they need to warehouse and access when before visiting clients or potential clients.
  • Schools and camps have furniture that needs to be stored in the off-season so their facilities can be thoroughly cleaned, renovated, or remodeled when they’re not in session.
  • Accountants and law firms often have boxes and boxes of client files they need to store “just in case” but usually never need to access.
  • Many businesses buy office supplies and equipment in bulk to save money, but don’t have room to store them onsite.
  • Businesses that are relocating or undergoing extensive remodeling need a place to temporarily store their office furniture and equipment.

We’ll Craft a Flexible Plan that Works for You!

Instead of committing to a pricey long-term industrial warehouse lease or using up valuable square footage in your Houston area office or place of business, Houston Installation Services offers 30,000 square feet of racked storage space available to provide our clients a flexible, affordable, secure corporate warehousing option. Additionally, using HIS as your corporate storage solution you benefit from perks that you wouldn’t get leasing your own industrial warehouse or storing your goods on site. These include:

  • Access to forklifts and reach trucks to simply loading, unloading, and stacking your goods
  • Accommodations for up to three, 53-foot tractor trailers
  • On-site trash compactor and dumpsters for easy disposal of boxes and packaging
  • Closed-circuit television security monitoring
  • Available inventory tracking (in and out) and inventory updates and photos

Whether you need to store a few desks, filing cabinets, and office chairs; pallets of sheetrock; hundreds of bank boxes full of files; or hundreds of dining tables and chairs; we can accommodate you! Whether your corporate storage needs are long-term or you simply need a space to store furniture and equipment during and office move or renovation, HIS can help. Contact us today for quote!

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