By definition, ergonomics is the science of designing and arranging things people use so people and things interact efficiently and safely. When you incorporate ergonomics into your office design, you improve productivity and employee morale. Ergonomic office furniture is designed with extreme attention to detail, which maximizes comfort and makes it easier for employees to carry out their jobs. It’s no secret that Humanscale is a leader in ergonomic office furniture innovation. Here are five of our favorite ergonomic Humanscale office furniture items.

1. Smart Ocean Chair

Ergonomics is about smart, thoughtful design that solves problems. We love that Humanscale is using thoughtful office furniture design to solve problems for humans and for the world’s oceans and marine life. Ocean plastic pollution is a huge global problem that could decimate our oceans if not reversed. Some experts believe there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 unless plastic pollution is significantly reduced. Humanscale is doing its part.

In 2016, Humanscale teamed up with an organization that collects old plastic fishing nets from Chilean fishermen and recycles them into pellets that can be used to make all kinds of products. Each Humanscale Smart Ocean chair incorporates almost 2 pounds of these pellets. These task chairs feature the same design and functionality as Humanscale’s popular Diffrient Smart Chairs. They’re just constructed with recycled materials. What isn’t there to adore about a design that’s sustainable and ergonomic?

2. QuickStand Eco

This next-generation sit-stand desk is compact and portable so you can move it with ease from one workstation to another – which is especially convenient for companies that have incorporated office hoteling and benching systems into their office design. No modifications are needed to use with an existing desk. Adjustable desk surface provides ultimate flexibility, and counterbalance control makes adjusting settings quick and seamless.

Read more about the benefits of switching to a sit-stand desk.

3. FM300 Ergonomic Foot Rocker

Moderate movement throughout the day increases circulation and contributes to a sense of wellness. This adjustable foot rocker encourages employees to gently rock their feet and lower legs throughout the day. Like all Humanscale office furniture, the FM300 is durable and features thoughtful design. Ball-bearing rollers and up to three inches of height adjustment make it a great fit for people of all sizes. Foot rockers are also among the most affordably priced ergonomic office furniture pieces!

4. Tech Tray

If your office design is tight on space, this Tech Tray is a smart, simple, space-maximizing solution. This 12-inch-wide, 14-inch-deep tray features a 22-inch track that can be attached easily under any desk with screws provided. Designed to keep employees’ portable devices, including laptops, tablets, and cell phones safe and out of sight, the tray fits within 3.5 inches of the underside of the desk, leaving plenty of leg clearance.

5. M2 Monitor Arm

This innovative Humanscale office furniture accessory allows you to bring your work to you, rather than adjusting to a static monitor stand. Articulating arm options let you easily adjust your monitor’s height and depth. Because the M2 uses extension-spring rather than gas cylinder technology to counterbalance monitor weight, there are no clunky mechanisms to complicate the design. As a result, this monitor arm is durable, flexible, and ultra-thin.

If you haven’t made the switch to ergonomic office furniture yet, what are you waiting for? Find out if your office furniture is hurting you.

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